The Three Churches Foundation

The Three Churches Foundation was established in 2013 by representatives of St James' Anglican Church, St John's Lutheran Church and Trinity United Church as a means to preserve the streetscape of these three Church buildings, which share in, and benefit from, their collective “landmark” status as one of the south shore's outstanding features.

Preservation of the “streetscape” entails not only the physical image of the three churches through continued maintenance of their exteriors, but also their survival as sea level rise and storm surge, among other climate-change factors, increasingly threatens their integrity.

The objectives of the Foundation are stated in its By-laws. To summarize, they are:

- To take all reasonable steps to preserve the streetscape of the three churches on Edgewater Street;   

- To raise funds to reach this objective;   

- To include federal, provincial, municipal governments, other foundations and charities, the general public, business and business organizations as fund raising sources; and   

- To operate as a charitable organization.   

One of the Foundation’s first tasks has been to apply for, and obtain, charitable status under the rules of the Canada

Revenue Agency. This task is in progress. Additionally, the Foundation has been working to “trademark” its image by developing an official logo. Finally, there is a need for a strategic plan to assist the Foundation in moving forward. This is expected to commence in 2014.

The Rector, Rev. Ian Wissler, Sandra Alexander, and Bill DeGrace represent St James as Directors of the Foundation. Other members are: Gerald Trites (Chair), Pastor Stephen Kristenson, Michael O’Connor, George Anderson, Jean and Paul Ernst, Suzanne Lohnes-Croft (MLA), Annette St-Onge (Mahone Bay and Area Chamber of Commerce), and Norman Whynot.