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Rector's Report

Rector's Report
14 April 2016

Rector's Ministry since Thurs. 10 March 2016 (current as of Saturday, 9 April).
This report will be amended at the 14 April meeting
Liturgical Ministry
Sunday Worship at St. James – 19 services (including Sunday 10 April, and Wednesday a.m. Lent services and Holy Week & Triduum services)
Worship at Christ Church – 4 services (including 8am on Easter Day – Maundy Thursday Holy Hour Vigil & Good Friday morning service cancelled)
Worship at the Union Church – 1 (27 March – Easter Day)
Special Services – 2 (Joint Evening Prayer with St. John's Lutheran Church – 16 March & Good Friday Interchurch Service – 25 March)
Worship at Mahone Nursing Home – 30 March
Funerals – None
Confirmation Class – 11, 18, 25 March, 3 April
Servers' Practice – 19 & 26 March
Worship & Confirmation Class Preparation – approx. 84 hours worship & 8 hours for Confirmation
Pastoral Ministry
Visits to local hospitals – none
Visits to Nursing Homes – none
Visits with Parishioners, home and otherwise (phone and other conversations) – approx. 15
Home Communions – To be added at the meeting on the 14th of April
Administrative Ministry
Rector/Wardens Meeting – 6 April
Regional Clericus (New Germany)
Regional Ministry*
Covenant Review with Parish of South Queens – 4 April
Regional Clericus (New Germany) – 6 April
Regional Council Parish Administration & Vital Church Workshop (Lunenburg) – 9 April
(Hours spent preparing for Administrative Workshop - 4)
Numerous phone calls and emails
*While, as Dean, I am the Chair of Clericus, and convene Regional Council, these are events I would normally attend anyway.
Attended Diocesan Pre-Holy Week Clergy Gathering – 17 March
Maundy Thursday Pot-Luck – 24 March
Hot Cross Buns Reception – 25 March
Parish Fun Night – 8 April
Time Off
Days Off – 5
Holidays – Easter Monday
Sick Days – none
Vacation Time – none
Respectfully Submitted
(The Rev. Ian Wissler, Rector)”
Father Ian added a total of six additional home communions between him and Debbie. He also added that he attended the “Yes, Syria” fundraiser at the Mahone Bay Centre on April 3, and he had six days off.

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