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St. James’ Parish Council
Thursday, November 10, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Brian Tennyson.

Present at the meeting: Brian Tennyson, Stuart Dauphinee, Debbie Smeltzer, Bill DeGrace, Doreen Wheeler, Sandy Alexander, Blane Knickle, Darrell Eisnor and Jennifer Veinotte. Regrets were received from Father Alvin, Yvonne Daubs, Bud Johnson, Nikki Ernst, Beth Ernst and Sharon Wade.


MOVED by Sandy Alexander, SECONDED by Margot Lutes, that the Agenda be approved with the following changes: move “Rectory Committee” report to the beginning of section 7.0, Sandy Alexander will report after Business Arising, add “Funds for Rectory Renovations” to Business Arising, and add “Honoraria for 2016” under New Business. MOTION CARRIED.


MOVED by Sandy Alexander, SECONDED by Debbie Smeltzer, that the minutes of October 13, 2016 be approved as circulated. MOTION CARRIED.


5.1  WifiConnection(Item5.1):

After Darrell Eisnor made a service call to Bell Aliant, they indicated that the wifi is connected; however, after attempting to connect at the meeting, it appears that it isn’t. Darrell will call Aliant back. It was reconfirmed that the modem will be located in the office and the Rectory could connect. Related to this, the Church has alarm surveillance and heat detection, but the Rectory doesn’t at the moment. Darrell discovered that the fee that the Parish is paying includes ACTION Darrell Eisnor
activation in both the Church and Rectory. A technician will inspect the property. Brian Tennyson suggested that Blane Knickle, Darrell, the technician and electricians hired for renovations at the Rectory should meet. Blane will call the technician tomorrow.

5.2 Lighting Fund (Item 5.2):

Debbie Smeltzer reported that we received the money.

5.3 Sexton Position Update (Item 5.4):

Three people applied for the Sexton position. The Wardens will meet with a representative from the Property Committee to review the job description. Darrell Eisnor asked if the job description should be reviewed by the SafeR Church Committee as well. Brian will contact Michael Lutes. After the job description review, interviews will begin. At this time, Brian also pointed out that the Wardens should set up Barb Zwicker’s annual performance review.

5.4 Parking Lot Financial Support (Item 5.6):

Father Alvin isn’t here to report, but Brian noted that this issue is pending.

5.5 Oil Tanks (Item 5.7):

Blane reported that after reviewing several possibilities, two oil tanks inside the Church will be installed at a cost of approximately $3,500. He noted that one supplier he called indicated that all of the piping and vents need to be replaced. Blane will call for two more quotes, including a burner technician in our congregation.

5.6 Parish Hall Door (Item 7.7):

The Property Committee is waiting for arrival of the door. Steve Foran of Castle Building Supplies is donating the door. A letter of thanks will be sent on Parish Council’s behalf.

5.7 Parking Lot Fundraiser (Item 8.4): Bill DeGrace and Sandra Tennyson are heading up this initiative in time for the Father Christmas Festival during the last weekend of November and first weekend of December. Bill contacted the Fire Chief, who will ask if any firefighters want to volunteer on November 15 when they meet. Sandy Alexander suggested that someone contact someone on the Festival Committee as well as the Town of Mahone Bay. Also suggested was parking passes for drivers to put in their car windows. Brian felt that volunteers should show up an hour before start time. Sandy Alexander offered to put a notice at the Visitor Information Centre. Blane will contact the senior youth group to gauge interest in volunteering. Darrell also committed to volunteering. It was agreed that an adult and youth should be located at each entrance. 

5.8 Parish Rental Hall Agreement (Item 8.6):

Copies of a proposed agreement were circulated to members at the last meeting. After review, it was agreed that members of the Parish should not pay the same rate as a non-member. Debbie Smeltzer will investigate what the Charitable Organizations Act outlines. Also, there were several small items that should be considered as well as a provision concerning hall donation. It was suggested that we review the Diocesan template if available. The Property and Administration Committee should discuss this at their next meeting.

MOVED by Margot Lutes, SECONDED by Kim Veinotte, that the draft Parish Hall Rental Agreement be referred to the Property and Administration Committee for review. MOTION CARRIED.

5.9 Funds for Rectory Renovations: Debbie explained to Council that there is currently $36,000 in the General Fund and approximately $10,000 available to borrow in the In Memoriam Fund. If more money is needed to cover renovations, a motion from Parish Council is needed to extract from investments.

5.10 ACW Announcement: Sandy told Council that there were currently five ACW members. They are hoping to increase interest by offering an interesting program every month. The first one is about preparing for an emergency. Darrell suggests changing the time. Sandy will take it back to the President and executive for consideration.

6.0 CORRESPONDENCE None at this time.


7.11 Rectory Committee: Brian reported that according to the electrician, the wiring in the Rectory is in very poor condition. An estimated cost of the work is $12,000- $15,000. The current budget of $2,400 would be incorporated into the larger cost. Brian has two concerns: first, old wiring is a safety and insurance issue. Both Darrell and Blane expressed surprise as they felt that the wiring had been updated recently. Second, the panel has to be relocated from the basement elsewhere. At this time Heather Whynott joined the meeting. Opinion around the table differed from the electrician with regard to what was needed for the property in terms of panel upgrades and amps. Brian will discuss with the electrician tomorrow. Blane added that if the panel is rusty, it may need replacement. He offered to meet if needed. 

MOVED by Debbie Smeltzer, SECONDED by Sandy Alexander, that Parish Council
approve a withdrawal of $40,000 from the Blockhouse investment account to cover the costs of renovations of the Rectory. MOTION CARRIED.

 7.1  Rector Report: No report at this time.

7.2  Wardens’ Reports (Christ Church and St. James):

Brian Tennyson previously submitted the following for St. James Wardens: 

  1. Chaired a meeting of the wardens with Fr Alvin in attendance.
  2. Chaired two meetings of the Rectory Committee, which selected the contractor from the tenders received, worked out a work plan and agreed on the budget with the contractor, Mr Michael Falt.
  3. Advertised the position of Sexton in the LighthouseNow and Lighthouse Log. Three applications have been received.
  4. Have been in communication with Rev Chad, responding to various questions and providing information as requested.
  5. Moved the service recording project further by acquiring the necessary equipment and testing it. We hope to get the project in operation very shortly.

Bill DeGrace previously submitted the following report for St. James Wardens: 

  •   October 30 – formal announcement from Bishop re appointment of Rev’d Chad McCharles to position of Rector, at 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. services
  •   November 3 – regular monthly Wardens’ meeting
  •   Various meetings with Chair and members of the Rectory Committee to seek a contractor and determine contract contents Bill DeGrace”

  • MOVED by Bill DeGrace, SECONDED by Blane Knickle, that the St. James’ Wardens Reports be accepted as submitted. MOTION CARRIED.

  • Stuart Dauphinee reported the following for Christ Church Wardens:
  •   The furnace needs repairs. He is attempting to find the part it needs; and
  •   There will be no Church service on Sunday because the furnace is broken. 

  • MOVED by Stuart Dauphinee, SECONDED by Doreen Wheeler, that the Christ Church Wardens Reports be accepted as submitted. MOTION CARRIED.

7.3 Treasurer’s Report:

Debbie circulated the Treasurer’s report on Sharon Wade’s behalf. She noted that we are in the black this month. MOVED by Debbie Smeltzer that the previous motion concerning a withdrawal from the Blockhouse investment fund be amended as follows, “...that Parish Council approve a withdrawal of up to $40,000 from the Blockhouse investment account to cover the costs of renovations of the Rectory”. With the amendment friendly to both Mover and Seconder, the MOTION CARRIED. 

MOVED by Debbie Smeltzer, SECONDED by Sandy Alexander, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as read. MOTION CARRIED.

 7.4  Finance Committee: Nothing to report.

7.5  Outreach Committee: Nothing to report.

7.6  Three Churches Foundation: Bill DeGrace previously submitted the following
report for the Three Churches Foundation:  The Foundation Board has not met since the last Parish Council meeting. An appeal for new Board members is ongoing. Bill DeGrace”

7.7 Property Committee: Blane Knickle gave the following report for the Property Committee in addition to the previous discussion: One of the furnaces is broken. The furnace repairman will take a look at it.

MOVED by Blane Knickle, SECONDED by Bill DeGrace, that the Property Committee Report be accepted as given. MOTION CARRIED.

7.8 Spiritual Fellowship Committee: This Committee has not met, however Beth Ernst asked that the Family Fun Night be mentioned in her absence. Approximately 60 people attended the event.

7.9  Ways & Means Committee: Nothing to report.

7.10  Parochial Committee:

Bill DeGrace previously submitted the following report:
October 20–special combined meeting of Wardens and Parochial Committee with Archdeacon Michael Mitchell and Rev’d Chad McCharles (via Skype) to write the Contractual Agreement and discuss the Draft Covenant in Ministry. Bill DeGrace” Bill added that the Committee has not met since October 20.

MOVED by Bill DeGrace, SECONDED by Blane Knickle, that the Parochial Committee Report be accepted as given. MOTION CARRIED.


8.1  Hiring of New Sexton: Previously discussed.

8.2  Honoraria:

MOVED by Debbie Smeltzer, SECONDED by Heather Whynott, that Parish Council approve disbursement of honoraria in the same amounts as last year, totalling $1,800. MOTION CARRIED.

9.0 NEXT MEETING The next regular meeting of Parish Council is scheduled for Dec. 8, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. 10.0


MOVED by Stuart Dauphinee that the meeting adjourn at 9:08 pm. 

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