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Minutes of the Meeting of St. James Parish Council
St. James Anglican Parish Hall, Mahone Bay
Thursday, March 9 2017


Meeting called to order by Chair – Warden Bill DeGrace at 7:10pm. Father Chad
McCharles opened with prayer.


Bill DeGrace   Fr. Chad McCharles   Lesley Knickle   Debbie Smeltzer   Sharon Wade Margot Lutes    Heather Whynott    Sandy Alexander    Blane Knickle    Beth Ernst     Stuart Dauphinee   Doreen Wheeler   Brent Aulenback   Darrell Eisnor   Jillian Myra (Temp. Min. Sec. Nicole Ernst)

3.0APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA – with following amendments.
New Business – Little Free Library – Amy McCharles and Jillian Myra. Correspondence - 6.2 Barb Zwicker – new timetable. 6.3 Margot Lutes.
7.9 Sexton’s report. 8.4 Stewardship  

MOTION: Moved by Bill DeGrace seconded by Darrell Eisnor - Motion carried. 4.0APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES

MOTION: Moved by Margot Lutes seconded by Brent Aulenback - Motion carried.

5.0BUSINESS ARISING 5.1WiFi Connection and smoke alarm hard wired – needs relocating. Fr. Chad and Darrell to consult with Blane Knickle

5.2Policy document on hold – Bill DeGrace

7:45pm. Fr. Chad relinquishes Chair – Bill DeGrace resumes Chair.

5.4Oil Tanks – Blane reports he has quotes for a single tank as opposed to a double tank to save money and with regular oil deliveries assured. To be installed at the end of the heating season 2017. Blane to bring forward quotes for approval.

5.5Parish Hall Agreement : Bill DeGrace deferred to another council meeting as no movement on this.

5.6Office Computer : now installed. Cost $672.95 – brought in under budget by Darrell Eisnor.

5.7CGL – safe operation : Police check forms given to two new leaders by Sandy Alexander. Fr. Chad also attended the CGL meeting with Sandy and they report that two St. James parishioners are now involved with CGL.


6.1Thank you letter and receipt from Mike Anderssen on behalf of Mahone Bay Food Bank. Also thank you letter and receipt from Jennifer Gagnon - Executive Director of
Harbour House.

Secretary Barb Zwicker submits to Council for consideration proposed changes to timetable. Requesting summer hours to be reduced June-Sept. and hours to be increased Jan.-March when there is a heavier workload. MOTION: Moved by Margot Lutes seconded by Beth Ernst - that we accept proposed new schedule.
Motion carried.


7.1Rector’s report – MOTION: Fr. Chad moved acceptance of report and Stuart Dauphinee seconded. Motion carried.

7.2Wardens’ report - Christchurch 

MOTION: Stuart moved acceptance of report and seconded by Doreen Wheeler.

Wardens’ reports – St James 

MOTION: Moved by Brent Aulenback and seconded by Sandy Alexander. MOTION: Bill DeGrace moved and Heather Whynott seconded acceptance of reports.

Motions carried. 

7.3Treasurer’s report:

March cheques (plus three for Feb.) total $41,929.03 (includes Chqs. 7447   & 7448 for Printer’s Corner). Deposits for Feb. total: $8,374.31  MOTION: moved by Sharon Wade acceptance of Treasurer’s report and  seconded by Brent Aulenback. Motion carried.

7.4Finance committee has not met – next meeting in May.

7.5No update on Outreach Committee.

7.6Three Churches’ Foundation is proposing to participate in Canada Day event, specifically a “Strawberry Social.” St. James’ property proposed to be included in venue. Council to receive follow-up info. Bill to put a poster on our notice board re “Love Mahone Bay” vow renewal event and asked for a response from council to suggestion of interpretive panels. Council receptive and requests more information. Pastor Christiansen suggested the Three Churches be illuminated.  To be examined later.

7.7Property Committee
Blane refers council to Sexton’s report which is comprehensive.

7.8Spiritual Fellowship Committee
Beth reported Parish Fun Night programmed for Fri. 28 April. Next meeting scheduled for March 29. MOTION: Moved by Beth Ernst seconded by Sandy Alexander to accept both Property and Spiritual Fellowship Committees’ reports. Motion carried.


Request from CGL members Amy Mc Charles and Jillian Myra to make a presentation to Council for permission to put up a CGL-made weatherproof “little free library unit” on church property e.g. located by bench or hall also at other locations in town. Funded by CGL and books for all ages to be donated.

Council supports this initiative in principle and requests follow-up with Property Committee.

8.1Sound system

St. James has a borrowed sound system and a request has been made for a new system from Steve Foran and his brother Andy (a sound system expert) Approximately $2,500 for equipment and $ 1,000 to install the system.

Brent A. made a motion to move ahead on acquiring this system for the church with a maximum of $5,000 from the ‘In Memorium’ Fund. Seconded by Beth E. Motion carried.

9:00pm. Moved by Margot Lutes and seconded by Heather Whynott to extend meeting by 15mins. Motion carried.  

8.2Youth event – Newfoundland.

Fr. Chad brings forward a request for funding for four girls, three from CGL to cover expenses of $500 per person for a deadline of tomorrow. This amount includes flight etc. Diocese to fund Fr. Chad and an accompanying female leader.

MOTION: to authorize $1,000 between the four girls as a gift from the Parish and an additional $1,000 to be repaid by fundraising after the event made by Darrell Eisnor and seconded by Margot Lutes. Motion carried.

8.3SafeR Church

Margot speaks on behalf of Michael Lutes organising a training session in Apr/May with Lorraine Street as facilitator, and possibly with other Anglican Parishes attending as well.    

8.4Stewardship – struck from agenda.

9.0  NEXT MEETING  -  Thursday, 20April, 2017.  @ 7:00 p.m.

9.25pm.  Motion to adjourn – Stuart Dauphinee  

Parish Council Thursday 20 April 2017

Warden – St. James’
§  April 5 – Property Committee meeting 
§  April 6 – regular Wardens meeting  

Three Churches Foundation
§  The Foundation Board has not met since last Parish Council meeting.

§  The “Love Mahone Bay” event has been cancelled for 2017.  It has been decided that efforts be directed to “Canada 150” events and that the LMB event be held next in 2018. 

§  Next meeting is Friday, April 21, 4:00 p.m., St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Bill DeGrace

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