Parish of St James,  Mahone Bay -


Welcome to the Parish of St. James

We are situated in the beautiful village of Mahone Bay, in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Our parish also includes Christ Church in nearby Maitland.

We are a friendly congregation and welcome visitors.  Please drop in when you're in the area and if you live here, consider joining our worship community.

Parish Contacts

Rector: The Rev. Father Chad McCharles  1-204-648-3132
Rectory:                              902-624-9021
Associate Priest: The Reverend Barbara Minard  902-624-0273
Church Office: (Mon.-Fri. 9a.m.-12p.m.)      902-624-8614
Administrator: Barb Zwicker
Address: 14 Parish St., Mahone Bay NS, B0J 2E0
Facebook: Parish of St. James, Mahone Bay
Music Director: Elaine Walker               902-275-4924
Sexton: Wayne Bezanson
Sunday School Superintendent: Tom Ernst 902-624-6133
ACW: Winnie Hoyt                      902-624-9324
Envelope Secretary: Marilyn Tremere          902-624-9738
Parish Treasurer: Sharon Wade              902-624-9646
Food Bank Coordinator: Barbara Miller          902-624-8202 

Saint James Parish Wardens:
Bill DeGrace        902-531-2260
Heather Whynott    902-624-8036
Brent Aulenback  902-624-0919

Christ Church, Maitland

Stuart Dauphinee       902-624-9500
Doreen Wheeler         902-624-6331

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